wine-1.2 release criteria?

Dan Kegel dank at
Mon Dec 15 09:14:39 CST 2008

It's been six months since the release of 1.0,
maybe now is a good time to review the 1.2
release criteria listed in

One big item that wasn't listed is "make asian users happy".
I think we're starting to see some motion on that, cf.
This is exciting... getting this fixed might bring in a lot
of asian developers / testers / users.  I'm nominating
this one for 1.2.

The criteria listed by Alexandre were:
    * Fix the remnant bugs from 1.0 (the new 1.2 bug milestone)
    * Better desktop integration with respect to transparency and desktop mode
    * Tests that pass
Plus some 'nice to have' items. Would like at least one for 1.2:
    * DIB Engine
    * Quartz Driver
    * Direct3D 10
    * USB Support (iPod, etc.)
    * 64-bit support

Taking the  one by one:

- There are 83 open bugs nominated for 1.2:
We'll probably end up deferring a lot of these, and
adding a few more.  (If you think a bug not on this
list needs adding to the list, add a comment
to the bug saying "Nominating for 1.2.")

- Better desktop integration with respect to transparency and desktop mode
I don't know about this one, can somebody report on the status?

- Tests that pass
We're making progress here, but it's hard to quantify. shows some runs still failing
20% of the tests, and others failing 0.3%, because
we don't have a consistent set of machines running the
tests.  I would love to see that site add a feature showing
the failure history for particular machines.

Nice-to-have items:
the last status update on these two months ago is at,%20WineD3D,%20iPod%20Support,%20DIB%20Engine
Here's what I know has changed since then:

- DIB Engine
As mentioned in
Massimo picked up Jesse's DIB engine code and has been trying to
use it with Autocad.  He says he's starting to get fonts working.
(It's surprising that he chose Jesse's 2007 implementation
rather than Huw's 2008 implementation, but he said Jesse's
seemed more usable at the moment, even though Huw's
looked better in some ways).

    * Quartz Driver
Any update?

    * Direct3D 10
Any update?  And does anybody care?

    * USB Support (iPod, etc.)
No motion here, I think.

    * 64-bit support
Thanks to the gcc guy, Maarten, and Alexandre, "hello world" is
working.  Maarten is
working on relay support now.

These are exicting times for Wine... it doesn't feel like it's quite time
to start a 1.2 release countdown, but maybe in a couple months.

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