wine-1.2 release criteria?

Vitaly Lipatov lav at
Sat Dec 20 06:30:41 CST 2008

В сообщении от 15 декабря 2008 Massimo Del Fedele написал(a):

> I'm (slowly) going on with dib engine, I choose at first Jesse's one as
> starting point because it had a source file structure I liked more.
Please if you do something with DIB Engine, publish your git repository.
We (Etersoft) do some tests and patches too, and I am wondering why do not 
contact with our developer chi at

> When I'll get something stable I'll post the code somewhere.
> About disabling/enabling the engine, there are 4 choices :
> 1-by registry
> 2-by environment variable
> 3-by ./configure
> 4-simply removing; driver goes thru x11 if it doesn't exist.
I guess it is a wrong way. Just use engine's function if you are sure it works 

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