d3d9/tests: Don't create a Null-shader in d3d9, it will crash.

Rico Schüller kgbricola at web.de
Tue Dec 23 10:36:25 CST 2008

Stefan Dösinger schrieb:
> I never saw this crashing on any of my systems, so it is probably driver dependent. Which Windows driver are you using?
> If the test crashes on either ATI, Nvidia or Intel it is a good idea to remove it. I don't think we should remove it if it crashes on something like VMWare or other 'noname' cards.
I checked this on 4 different machines with the following cards all on XP
- Ati 9700M
- Geforce 5700FX
- Geforce 8800GTS
- Geforce 8800GT

Just check the test page to see the d3d9 shader test crashes on all 
machines which didn't skip the complete test! ( 


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