GSoC project ideas

Jacek Caban jacek at
Thu Feb 28 18:28:29 CST 2008

Kai Blin wrote:
> On Monday 25 February 2008 09:24:10 Kai Blin wrote:
>> * Improving our HTML/Win32 Help viewers.
> What needs to be done here? Did last year's CHM compiler project produce any 
> results? Jacek, you mentored this, comments?

What I've mentored was something else - it was a chm compiler that would 
allow us to make use of HTML help in Wine (eg. winecfg help) and winelib 
apps. HTML help is almost at the same state as it was year ago. I've 
improved it then to be able to use some simple chm files, but much more 
is needed. Most functionality is not implemented (just run hh.exe and 
look...) and API is almost totally not implemented. Also current 
implementation can't handle many chm files. I think project that would 
improve things would be good.

>> * Complete the Wine Web browser (aka. Internet Explorer) ie. frame
>> controls, toolbar, status bar
> Steven Edwards suggested some work on that recently. Is there enough work left 
> to make this a full SoC project?

Yes, definitely there is and it would be a great project IMO. It would 
be even netter if UI was designed to be compatible with IE. It means 
implementing plug-in support.

>> * Full URLMoniker implementation. (IE working with builtin urlmon.dll)
> That one's for Jacek to comment. :)
urlmon.dll is much improved since then. Although there is still a lot to 
do, even more than a complete SoC project, someone interested in it 
would have to find other goal than working IE IMO.

>> * Get Mozilla compiling as a Winelib application
>> (
> Looks like Mozilla builds in mingw32 now, so maybe that webpage should be 
> updated. I'm not sure how much effort this project actually would be. 
> Comments, anyone?

AFAICT Mozilla support for mingw32 is not really good (I've tried it and 
decided to go back to MSVC) and it's even worse if you try to compile it 
from Linux. I would very appreciate if someone would fix that. Even 
better if it was a Winelib port. From my experience their makefiles are, 
hmmm, not really nice to work with. Anyway, that would be my favorite 
SOC project.


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