CUDA wrapper

Seth Shelnutt shelnutt2 at
Wed Jul 9 19:23:18 CDT 2008

Well at least it compiled, but it isn't working. We are still getting the
message that the function isn't implemented.

Initializing Nvidia gpu library
cudaMalloc CUDAStream::Allocate failed feature is not yet implemented

Now both cudamalloc and all four cuda stream's, cudaStreamCreate, Destroy,
Query and Synchronize were implemented.
I thought maybe it was because in the spec file I had the cudaStream's as
pointers (ptr) so I switched them to long but ti didn't make a difference.
Originally the argument was "stream" but I can't get any argument but ptr
and long to pass the winegcc for spec files.

Does wine need to somehow be made aware of the presence of the
cudart.dll.sofile? We tried putting it in both the system32 and the
lib folder but it
seems also that maybe WINE needs to be made aware of it?
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