wine users forum registration issue

Jeremy White jwhite at
Wed Oct 22 07:19:46 CDT 2008

> Right. So the forum software is broken, and all of the Wine devs would rather 
> fix Wine than the forums? Sounds like a good case for ditching the forums.

I disagree violently.  The case for the forums is clear; users prefer them by a rather large amount.

If we're going to provide user facing resources on winehq (which I, at least,
intend to see happen), then I think the forums are the correct answer.

However, with that said, some sort of captcha is a requirement on forums; they
really suffer from automatic spam attacks.

Does anyone know *why* these people suffer?  Is there something specific to their
monitor or is it just a general struggle with captchas?

Finally, is there someone who would be willing to help users through this?
The real problem is that all cries for help to web-admin (for any reason,
not just this one) are being ignored.



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