Wine PulseAudio Driver

Juan Lang juan.lang at
Sat Sep 27 16:28:24 CDT 2008

>> Great.  In general, emailing the patch here will get more feedback
>> than posting it to bugzilla.
> Woots!

Um.. I still don't see the patch?  Sorry, but I'm too lazy to get it
myself.  Could you send it here?

Also, just to warn you:  some people disagree that a PulseAudio driver
is a good idea.  Even if you write a good one, it might have to live
out of tree.  The usual arguments are:
1.  Drivers can bitrot (and have in the past), and having 6 poorly
implemented audio drivers is clearly worse than having one good one,
even if that one is using a deprecated API and doesn't work nicely
with other apps.
2.  We ought to be able to use PulseAudio's ALSA emulation.  If that
doesn't work, then either our ALSA driver should be fixed, or
PulseAudio's ALSA interface should be fixed.

I have no particular opinion and whether this gets accepted isn't up
to me.  I'm just reiterating what's been said about audio drivers in
the past.  So, please don't attempt to persuade me, as it won't make
any difference ;-)

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