urlmon/misc test and the use of URLZONEREG_DEFAULT

Paul Vriens paul.vriens.wine at gmail.com
Fri Apr 3 13:22:04 CDT 2009

Paul Vriens wrote:
> Hi,
> Just build me a fresh W2K3 box with SP2 and all updates (including IE7). 
> I get some errors when I run winetest:
> urlmon:misc
> misc.c:884: Test failed: (1400) policy=3, expected 0
> misc.c:884: Test failed: (1e05) policy=10000, expected 20000
> This particular test test_url_action() checks the registry values under 
> HKLM and then checks with IInternetZoneManager_GetZoneActionPolicy() if 
> it gets the same result.
> Obviously that failed in my case. It turns out that the returned value 
> came from HKCU and not from HKLM.
> So the question is, does somebody now what URLZONEREG_DEFAULT defaults 
> to? HKCR or HKLM and is this always the same or are there circumstances 
> that make the default different.
> I guess I could write a test that checks both HKLM and HKCR and directly 
> modifies the registry values in both hives to see what 
> IInternetZoneManager_GetZoneActionPolicy() is using.
> Ideas, thoughts?
I mentioned HKCR in this mail but that should be HKCU of course.



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