The DIB engine... does anyone know how to get it into Wine?

Chris Howe mrmessiah at
Tue Apr 28 05:44:21 CDT 2009

I think it's time that a definitive framework for it was agreed upon,
because as people have said, this isn't the first time that someone
has tried to implement the DIB engine. It's been on the todo list of
improvements to Wine for as long as I can remember, but it seems
as if every time someone tries to make good on that, that development
gets so far but is then turned down on the grounds that the
architecture isn't right. That's a lot of hours of wasted work.

But then you'd expect that: it's a big project, and it's hampered by
the fact that the current system has evolved to sort-of-work in a way
that avoiding regressions is difficult if not impossible in the short term.
It's logical that without some agreed upon roadmap, without some
architectural pre-planning, any one person's attempt is going to come
up short.


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