Towards leveraging app build and unit tests as a way to test wine

Jacek Caban jacek at
Mon Aug 10 08:50:56 CDT 2009

Hi Dan,

Dan Kegel wrote:
> While one doesn't really need to build the apps
> under Wine to run their test suites, it's a pain
> to have to compile them on one system and
> ship them over to another.
> And supporting building might have a nice benefit: if
> it's easy to develop for Windows on Wine,
> more Windows developers might bother to
> test their apps on Wine.  So I think it's worth
> the extra effort.

While I agree with this arguments, I think Wine would benefit more from 
compiling using MinGW in case of Firefox. It would test code of Wine 
Gecko package, which would be great. Obviously MSVC compilation would 
also test this code, but the nearer build config would be, the better. 
There are instructions about how to get it compiled on the Wiki:
Using wine/mozconfig-browser from Wine Gecko source would be a good 
start (it builds Firefox debug version). Unfortunately this compilation 
is quite complicated. I will use a chance to write about it here.

- We need a patched version of Mozilla
These patches are in Wine Gecko source and some of them are already in 
Mozilla repository. Newer Mozilla version requires however another 
patches. I'd put them in a Git repository, but doesn't seem 
to work lately. I think I should use another hosting server, any 

- We have to use an old 3.4.6 version.
This is due to a bug in GCC:
It's not only ugly to use an old compiler, but also we need some patches 
to the code to make it work. That's currently the most serious problem.

- MinGW importlibs and includes are not good enough.
And worse, their developers don't seem to care. My bug report had no 
response and AFAIK I'm not allowed to send them a patch:
so I didn't bother to file another bug reports. I think we should 
consider using Wine includes and import libs as we do for tests cross 

- MinGW build is not officially supported, so it often regresses.
Some changes in the code like
will help a bit to avoid problems. Also Mozilla developers are willing 
to setup automated tests for Linux MinGW builds (for other reasons than 
I'd like to see it, but it doesn't matter). See
That would avoid compilation regressions, but GCC bug needs to be fixed 

I ran only a few Mozilla tests myself and fixed the problem I've found, 
so I don't know how far are we from passing their units tests.


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