programs/clock: Corrected a small lexical error in the italian translation (Corrected)

Riccardo Loti contez at
Sun Aug 30 04:35:47 CDT 2009

Il Sat, 29 Aug 2009 11:56:46 -0700, James Mckenzie ha scritto:

>>Fixed a small typing error in the italian translation of clock.exe in
>>the property menu label (Properietà -> Proprietà). Compiled and tested
>>correctly on Ubuntu 9.04 64bit.
>>(My first patch I send, so please be kind for any error, I'll be happy
>>to correct it if pointed to, thanks)
>>P.S.: For some reason the previous mail attachment showed up empty in
>>the archives list, even if sent mail is correct, and using Thunderbird I
>>prefer not to paste it int he message body. Sorry for double sending.
> Riccardo:
> Please look at the processed mail message before sending to make sure
> that your patch is an attachment and not bound in-line.  Thunderbird
> likes to do this to text attachments, so you might want to change the
> extension to .patch or .diff so Thunderbird will not do this.
> I did not have this problem with using git when git was configured per
> the GitWine page on the Wiki.
> James McKenzie

I will check, anyway I'll probably just configure git properly and send 
mail from git send-email.
Anyway, about this patch itself, is it correct? I just have to wait for 
it to be accepted or refused now?

Thanks for your patience, nexts will be easier indeed! ;)


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