Acting as advisor for wcmd-uplift project?

André Hentschel nerv at
Sat Dec 26 07:23:26 CST 2009

Dan Kegel schrieb:
> Peter Dons Tychen wrote:
>> Why not place the test in the source tree along with all of
>> the other tests. Of course this requires the tests to be run from a C
>> based file
> Yep.  I should have a patch ready to submit tomorrow that
> is a barebones batch file test driver written in C
> suitable for use with winetestbot.
>> It would however mean that one could add tests for all of the
>> other command line utility programs much easier
>> (not possible now at all).
> Good point.   The cmd tests can test not just cmd, but things
> like expand and extrac32, too.
> So, where should the tests live?  I had been thinking programs/cmd/tests,
> but maybe something like programs/tests would be better
> given that it can test more than just cmd.
> - Dan

we also could test t2embed.dll in qedit/tests, so thats not the point i think.
i would prefer programs/cmd/tests to keep the order.


Best Regards, André Hentschel

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