comctl32:rebar: Don't store an empty string in REBAR_InsertBandT.

Sergey Khodych khodych at
Thu May 28 14:11:24 CDT 2009

Nikolay Sivov пишет:

> It looks like you need to add a simple test like that:
> - add band with empty string and RBBIM_TEXT mask of course;
> - query band data back with RB_GETBANDINFO and check this lpText field.
> If it's really NULL (e.g. your buffer didn't change) instead of empty 
> string you should test
> RB_SETBARINFO for the same case.
It returns an empty string in both case.

> What you mean saying extra space? Some offset during drawing or what?

If a band has an empty string, wine allocates a padding space in
lpBand->rcCapText that causes an offset in a band.

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