Please report mcicda (CDROM audio) test results

Jeff Zaroyko jeffzaroyko at
Thu Aug 5 09:19:39 CDT 2010

On Thu, Aug 5, 2010 at 11:51 PM,  <Joerg-Cyril.Hoehle at> wrote:
> Hi,
>> Things you can try out using the interactive MCI shell:
>> open cdaudio alias c
>> status c type track 1
>> set c time format tmsf
>> seek c to start
>> play c from 1 to 2 wait
>>This works - I hear music.
> What the test does is not fundamentally different. I'd
> appreciate if you could isolate the part that causes havoc.

if I:
open cdaudio alias c
status c type track 1
# Response: audio
(the same for tracks 1-12, 13 is out of range - only 12 tracks on cd)
seek c to start

> status c position
mci.c:188: command: status c position
mci.c:193: Response: 00:02:00
> resume c # yields MCIERR_HARDWARE
nothing printed
> seek c to start notify
mci.c:188: command: seek c to start notify
mci.c:167: Notification type 0001
> status c type track 1
mci.c:188: command: status c type track 1
mci.c:193: Response: audio
> set c time format tmsf
no response
> play from <1_or_last_track> notify
play from 1 notify
mci.c:188: command: play from 1 notify
mci.c:191: Test failed: mci play from 1 notify error: 300(44
>> waiting a minute, it hasn't returned to accepting input
>>here, so I've ^C.
> Really? Wait never failed on me.
> Did you perhaps get confused because no prompt ever
> appears? Just hit return to get MCIERR_MISSING_COMMAND_STRING.

It stopped accepting input, any letters, return were all blocked -
nothing except ^C.
I tested it again, same thing happened.

>>The data+audio cd as previously used:
>>mcicda.c:372: Tests skipped: Got no mixed data+audio CD.
> The source code led me to believe that data tracks always come
> first. Perhaps that's a broken assumption. What's the response to:
> status c type track 1
> status c type track 2
> status c type track ... until the last one?
> I'd expect
> Other [typically 1 single data track]
> Audio [for track 2..n]

Every track is listed as audio, meanwhile I see the drive with
included programs etc is mapped in explorer.

> Thank you,
>  Jörg.

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