Inviting Mono and pulseaudio to wineconf?

Vincent Povirk madewokherd at
Thu Aug 26 11:03:25 CDT 2010

> Mono:
> Vincent, what do you think?  Probably they're not holding us up,
> but maybe they'd like to see a presentation from you about
> status of Mono integration?

Oh geez. Um. Well, they are indeed not holding us up. In all my
communication with them, they've been very helpful.

I don't know that the current status of Mono integration is much to talk about.

> is looking good.  (Think there's a Summer
> of Code 2011 project or two in there?)

Judging by bugzilla, there don't seem to be any large projects that
would help compatibility enough to be worthwhile. All the mscoree bugs
only affect one app.

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