ddraw [patch 1/2]: SetCooperativeLevels with Normal+Fullscreen+Exclusive mode is authorized

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at earthlink.net
Sun Aug 29 17:40:42 CDT 2010

David Adam wrote:

Looks like you are trying very hard to avoid the [try 4] moniker.  
Please add this to each version of the patch you are submitting.  Use 
the notes feature of git commit to put in why you are submitting a new try.

Second, if the patch will NOT apply due to whitespace issues, it will 
NOT be approved.  Please read the Wiki page on Patches. 

Third, it really appears that you are avoiding the friendly advise given 
here.   We are trying to help you prevent resubmit and then another 
resubmit for the same problem.  You have already aggravated one reviewer 
that has attempted to help you get this patch accepted.

James McKenzie

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