Patch feedback requested for OleCreatePropertyFrame()

Geoffrey Hausheer winedevel9605 at
Mon Jan 4 12:18:48 CST 2010

On Mon, Jan 4, 2010 at 9:06 AM, Wolfram Sang  wrote:
>> task.  There doesn't appear to be anything in this code that would be
>> patent encumbered, but the code itself certainly falls under
>> Hidenori's copyright which he has effectively revoked permission to
>> use.
> Strictly speaking, this is not possible. Although IANAL, this code is LGPL,
> so he can't revoke permission for this version of the code. He can ask to
> not use it, and this wish can be granted. You still should be allowed to
> pick it up. Next question is then, if a modified version will be picked up
> (still respecting the author's wish)? Or how much modifications are needed?
> Geez, such things are never trivial :(

Well, I put the LGPL header on the code.  I thought I had that right
since the code was posted to wine-patches  Anyhow, the legal side
isn't really relevant.  The question is what Alexandre will accept as
far as it goes.  The current code is certainly copyright by Hienori,
and since I couldn't contact him, I must assume he doesn't want any of
it in Wine.  Thus my assumption is that I need to rewrite the entire
thing, if we want to obey his wishes (which I do).  However, my hope
was that I could use the knowledge I gained from his implementation to
do it myself.  As I'm already biased by that knowledge, if that won't
be allowed, then I can't do the work at all.

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