Implementation of WIndows Gaming APIs as GSoC project

Mariusz Pluciński vshader at
Wed Mar 31 15:54:16 CDT 2010

Vincent Povirk <madewokherd+8cd9 at <madewokherd%2B8cd9 at>>

> I suspect that once the classes exist, games will expect them to
> actually work, and adding the stubs will break some games that
> currently work.

To avoid this problem, it should be possible to add option enabling these
classes support in compilation configuration or Wine's config panel. Has
this idea any sense?

> The project would potentially also include the Game Explorer shell
> namespace extension, which will likely be needed for shortcuts to work
> correctly. The control panel extension (CLSID_ControlPanel) is
> probably a good example. The main task there would be to implement an
> IShellFolder object that uses the game explorer database.

This looks like good idea for me, I'll probably include it in my proposal.
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