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Andréas LIVET andreas.livet at
Wed Oct 27 16:43:58 CDT 2010

Hi all,

Back to my bug with Paraworld, I finally manage to get WINEDELAY patch
working as I wanted and to stop the program execution with winedbg.

Winedbg stop either into the glib or into NtDelayExecution or into binary
code, so not so usefull for now...

But, if launch the game with those options : WINEDEBUG=+relay,+seh,+tid
I got some errors :

> 001b:trace:seh:raise_exception code=c0000005 flags=0 addr=0x6004e3
> ip=006004e3 tid=001b
> 001b:trace:seh:raise_exception  info[0]=00000000
> 001b:trace:seh:raise_exception  info[1]=1dd851fc
> 001b:trace:seh:raise_exception  eax=1dd85200 ebx=68464e10 ecx=0000001a
> edx=00000016 esi=00a3db28 edi=00000340
> 001b:trace:seh:raise_exception  ebp=00000000 esp=0033f364 cs=0073 ds=007b
> es=007b fs=0033 gs=003b flags=00010202
> 001b:trace:seh:call_vectored_handlers calling handler at 0x68cf1180
> code=c0000005 flags=0
> 001b:trace:seh:call_vectored_handlers handler at 0x68cf1180 returned
> ffffffff

It apparently an exception raise somewhere but no idea what append. The game
launch a server instance called PWServer while launding the game, maybe this
exe isn't working? I try to run it with wine, but nothing append, it must
need some arguments...

Is there a way to know what causes this exception?

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