winemenubuilder: appbundle patch 20110618

Per Johansson per at
Sat Aug 20 11:39:45 CDT 2011

Hello again,

17 aug 2011 kl. 00:06 skrev Steven Edwards:

> I've finally gotten back around to hacking the *.app bundle support in
> winemenubuilder and come close to having something that mostly works.

I'm attaching my current work, since I'm not sure when I'll work on it next (might be tomorrow, might be never).

> - The first icon/bundle always seems to get the wrong icon, and uses
> the default wine icon. I need to take some time to understand the code
> a bit better and see why this is.

I don't seem to have this problem. I commented out identifier from Info.plist, since I think it's a bad idea to have a non-unique one. Perhaps that was it?
I also commented out the signature and PkgInfo files, since they're not really needed. Xcode on Lion does not create them anymore AFAICT.

> - Bundles are created in $HOME/Applications/wine and icon's are
> generated using the icns code. Support for building bundles for
> shortcuts on $HOME/Desktop has not been hacked on yet.

I've added bundles for desktop and also for URLs. I decided to create subdirectories in ~/Applications/Wine since a Readme icon will not tell which readme it'll open without living in the correct folder. Also, if you add the folder to the Dock and set view type to list, it kind of works as a Start menu.

> I welcome your feedback.

There's a few things left to be done. The pass by globals into platform_write_icon is kind of getting in the way, those values should be merged into the main execution path. I also think the xdg specific functions should also be extracted to a separate file for clarity (but perhaps that's a separate task).

The two files are diff vs. the patch from Steven and diff vs current HEAD. My individual commits can be seen at (should create a separate branch I guess).

Per Johansson
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