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Cheer Xiao xiaqqaix at gmail.com
Sun Aug 26 00:16:55 CDT 2012

2012/8/26 Cheer Xiao <xiaqqaix at gmail.com>:
> ... snip ...
> Try out MoinMoin 2.0 at this minefield[5]. The last Summer of Code[6]
> saw a few interesting enhancements like greatly improved themes,
> support for blog and ticket system (disclaimer: ticket system is my
> project), but the test site has not been updated yet. I have talked to
> the admin on #moin-dev, and I'll report back when it has been updated.

The test site [1] was just updated, please give it a try :) After
registering you may want to try out the new "foobar" theme. The theme
setting can be accessed by clicking "settings" at top and then "Wiki
Appearance Settings" tab, or directly via this URL[2].

Your are welcome to report bugs at the issue tracker[3], but the
obvious bugs should be already there.

PS. Currently the hashed password is publicly accessible, so be sure
to use a weak password.)

1. http://test.moinmo.in/
2. http://test.moinmo.in/%2Busersettings#ui
3. https://bitbucket.org/thomaswaldmann/moin-2.0/issues

Cheer Xiao

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