po: Remove English strings from the Slovenian translation.

Andrej Znidarsic andrej.znidarsic at gmail.com
Tue Jan 17 04:39:55 CST 2012


This sounds OK. I will do it over the weekend when I will have more time


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2012/1/17 Francois Gouget <fgouget at free.fr>

> On Tue, 17 Jan 2012, Andrej Znidarsic wrote:
> [...]
> > As I am not a very technical person, downloading/commiting with git is
> very
> > cubersome/time consuming for me. I would highly appriciate if you would
> be
> > willing to download the .po files after string freeze for 1.4, zip them,
> > send them to me. Then i can review them/translate what is missing, send
> you
> > back the files and you can commit them. How does that sound?
> Usually we prefer when authors send their patches themselves as
> attribution is important to us and it gets trickier when there's a
> middle agent.
> Note that you can download the latest Slovenian PO file from the
> following URL:
> http://source.winehq.org/git/wine.git/blob_plain/HEAD:/po/sl.po
> Given this, would the following work for you?
>  * Create a 'po' directory and download the above sl.po file into it
>  * Make a copy of it called 'sl.po.orig'
>  * Update the translation in 'sl.po'
>  * When done, run the following command to generate a patch:
>   diff -u po/sl.po.orig po/sl.po >sl.diff
>  * Then email the 'sl.diff' file to wine-patches.
> If not I can work with you and I'm sure some other solution can be
> arranged.
> We're also trying to set things up so one can go to a web site and
> translate Wine there which I guess would be ideal for you. But we're
> being blocked by attribution issues. That is the existing systems appear
> to be unable to track who translated what and to preserve that
> information when submitting the patches. So unfortunately there's no ETA
> for when such a system will be ready. Hopefully this email will rekindle
> interest in finally overcomming this issue...
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