[1/2] msxml3/tests: Reduce code duplication for the namespace change tests.

Nikolay Sivov nsivov at codeweavers.com
Wed Jun 13 10:45:17 CDT 2012

On 6/13/2012 17:42, Ulrik Dickow wrote:
> Here's a new version of the patch that follows all of your 3 requests:
> Den 12-06-2012 13:11, Nikolay Sivov skrev:
>> [...]
>> Please use something like CLSID array with every available Document
>> CLSID, instead of only testing 2 of them. There's a lot of examples for
>> that in saxreader.c.
>> [...]
>> It's better to avoid nested test calls like that imho, you could just
>> add another call in main test list.
>> [...]
>> When this is running on all CLSIDs please add free_bstrs() here.
> Is it ok now?
Yes, that's what I meant. Thanks.
> Since it contains new functionality, namely test of more document
> versions (CLSIDs) than before, it was necessary to change the Subject of
> the patch.  How do I make sure that the old patch changes status to
> Superseded on http://source.winehq.org/patches/ ?  E.g. use the old
> subject with "(try 2)" added in the E-mail header, but the new Subject
> inside the attachment?
Don't worry too much about that, just send it with correct subject and 
mention in mail body
which patch is obsolete.  Correct subject is more important obviously.
> Regards, Ulrik Dickow

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