Michael Stefaniuc mstefani at
Fri Jun 15 04:41:24 CDT 2012

Hello John!

On 06/15/2012 06:22 AM, John Emmas wrote:
> Firstly, I'm not a Linux user.  I'm a Windows programmer but I have a
> passing knowledge of Linux (and several friends who are Linux
> programmers).  I write a Windows application which gets launched as a
> child process by a popular Linux DAW.  My program was first written many
> years ago when the (then) current version of Wine was about v0.9.58.
> Over a hundred people are using my program with old versions of Wine and
> I've had no complaints so far.
> Recently however, two customers tried to use it with Wine v1.5.35.  In
> both cases the program crashed - apparently because some particular
> function wasn't found in MSVCP60.dll (at the moment, we don't know which
> function).  Both customers went to a web site called WineTricks from
That is fairly trivial to figure out. Start your app with Wine on the
command line and it will crash with an exception:
  Call from <address> to unimplemented function MSVCP60.<function>

Once you have those please open a bug on for

> where they were able to install an alternative version of MSVCP60.dll.
> My app now gets past the place where it previously crashed although it
> now crashes further on...  :-(
> It looks as if the MSVC6 runtime module(s) that now come with Wine
> aren't the same as the ones from v0.9.58.  Either they're different
MSVCP60.dll wasn't available in wine-0.9.58. It was introduced in
wine-1.3.19. They were probably using the dll that came with your app or
installed it from somewhere else.

> versions of the Microsoft DLLs or maybe they're now being implemented by
> somebody else, perhaps as part of Wine development?  Either way, they
> don't work with my particular app any more.
Please open a bug for those issues too.

> I still have Visual C++6 installed on an old computer, together with
> both the source code and the (InstallShield) packager for my original
> app.  So is there anything I can do to make this work?  For example, do
Open the bug reports :)  If there is a free downloadable version/demo
that exhibits the same issues please add it to the "URL" field.


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