Wine test analysis August 28th

Francois Gouget fgouget at
Fri Aug 29 12:25:19 CDT 2014

One of the failures is mshtml:events which has started ahppening on the 
11th of August.

What is mighty strange is that:
* There was no change to dlls/mshtml/tests/events.c around that time and 
  testing with a pre-11th build still shows the failure.
* I did not change the VMs around that time (or any time past the 3rd of 
  August). Also the failures started happening not only on some of my 
  VMware VMs, but also on the Windows 2008 VMs of the TestBot.
* It does not seem that test actually accesses the network though I 
  may be wrong there. Could it be a change on the Wine web server (I 
  found no matching commit in the tools repository).
* The test started failing on Linux (64 bit only) and FreeBSD (32 bit) 
  on the 15th which corresponds to the next commit round.

Testing this Windows 2000 and XP shows that the issue is that the 
iframe_onreadystatechange_complete test triggers a 'You are about to 
view pages over a secure connection' popup dialog which blocks the 
process until it is answered, thus leading to the timeout.

So given that nothing changed in the VM (still starting from the same 
snapshot), why did it start displaying this dialog on the 11th?

Here's a screenshot:

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