gdiplus: Implement trivial case of GdipCreateRegionRgnData for empty and infinite regions

Erich E. Hoover erich.e.hoover at
Tue Jun 9 10:59:19 CDT 2015

Wow guys, I think everyone needs to turn it down a notch.  I realize
that everyone is frustrated with the decreasing relevance of Wine in
the SteamOS era, but we are still members of a very important and
interesting project that impacts a lot of users.

Nikolay is understandably upset that he feels that staging patches are
not getting sent upstream fast enough, some of that is our fault
(we’re volunteer, and I know I've been busy with work or out of town a
lot lately) and some of that is the submission process (limit on
number of "in flight" patches, for example).  There are a variety of
ways that we can resolve this kind of problem (merge windows, patch
sign-offs, etc.) without upsetting each other.  It’s also important to
mention that a lot of our time gets spent in rebasing patches; the
CSMT patches in particular take up a lot of Sebastian’s time.

Sebastian and Dmitry are clearly upset that Dmitry's work on the patch
that started this thread was not mentioned in the upstreaming email.
This kind of issue is always a hard needle to thread, it’s clearly
important to get patches out to the community quickly but it’s also
important to be respectful of all the sources of feedback on patches.
I think we can all agree that the system Wine currently has in place
for submitting, accepting, and commenting on patches isn't working for
the community.  Since that system results in frustration on both sides
of the submission process, I think we should seriously consider
discussing revisions to the system at this year’s WineConf.

I’ve been out of town for a while, so I’m not actually aware of what
issues are concerning Henri.  However, antagonizing each other is
clearly not going to solve issues either way - we need to come
together and discuss these things in the calmest manner we can manage
so that everyone gets a chance to have their opinions heard and

I realize that this email is getting a little long, but I think that
it’s important to mention that wine-staging is not just a volunteer
effort - we also have no financial interest in the project.  We do not
ask users for money, we have no advertising, and we pay for our server
space and Ubuntu build time out of our own pockets.  We have
absolutely no incentive to do this except for the good of the Wine
project by preparing patches for inclusion (both from newer
contributors and for those with lower AJ ranks such as myself).


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