Wine developer frustration (was Re: ntdll: Improve stub of NtQueryEaFile.)

André Hentschel nerv at
Tue Jun 16 17:03:28 CDT 2015

Am 16.06.2015 um 23:33 schrieb Nikolay Sivov:
> On 17.06.2015 0:07, André Hentschel wrote:
>> Oh man, i didn't plan to jump into that "flamewar"...
>> But while I’m at it, Jeremy, the only thing about CW that sometimes bugs me, is that CW devs often send their patches without any description.
>> (Maybe that was also what Theodore means?)
>> Maybe i keep finding only the "bad" ones, but it's always with patches that catch my interest for some reason, and then, no info.
>> And that looks a bit like "AJ already knows what this is about and what it is going to fix, no need to mention it".
>> And of course i'm far from perfect, so maybe i just picked the "bad" ones and never had a look at the "good" ones, and of course i also don't
>> always provide a good description... I just wanted to throw in the only thing that bugs me about CW, don't be offended :)
> That's a good question, thank you for sharing that, but I don't believe it works like that, there's no internal debates or intensive communication that results in patches stripped from text description. Sometimes when there's a bug report for it people mention it in mail body, sometimes they don't, but later mention a fix on a bug report. So it's up to submitter mostly.

I see, maybe I should simply ask the submitter next time...

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