[1/2] shell32: Check IsWow64Process() before calling Wow64 functions.

Olivier F. R. Dierick o.dierick at piezo-forte.be
Thu Apr 21 12:07:01 CDT 2016

Le jeudi 21 avril 2016 à 16:40 +0900, Alexandre Julliard a écrit :
> "Olivier F. R. Dierick" <o.dierick at piezo-forte.be> writes:
> > I find forcing ERROR_SUCCESS in SHFileOperation() a brute and lazy way
> > to fix things. It may hide other errors. Fixing the internal code itself
> > may avoid bugs in other functions and is the way to go in my opinion.
> If the application depends on this, setting it explicitly is better than
> depending on side effects of internal code paths.

Ok, the patch does not fix bug 36838. I'll follow your recommandation
and make another one.

Still, I found code that generates errors for no purpose on 32 bit wine
and made a patch to fix it, avoiding possible error leaks and side
effects. Will it be considered?
        Olivier F. R. Dierick
        o.dierick at piezo-forte.be

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