DirectX 12 in Wine

Józef Kucia joseph.kucia at
Wed Jan 25 10:12:33 CST 2017


On Tue, Jan 24, 2017 at 7:17 AM, Gabríel Arthúr Pétursson
<gabriel at> wrote:
> With that said, what would an appropriate implementation in Wine look
> like?
> DirectX 12 on top of Vulkan seems like an obvious choice. The two
> APIs are very similar, whereas the DirectX 12 programming model
> deviates significantly from both OpenGL and DirectX 11.

Right, Vulkan seems to be the best choice. A hypothetical
implementation of D3D12 in Wine is likely to be a separate thing from

> Another approach is to leverage wined3d (i.e. OpenGL + extensions). I
> don't know to what extent wined3d can be used or needs to be changed in
> order to support DirectX 12, or if it'd be useful at all. Can anyone
> shed some light on whether this would be a feasible approach?

The only thing useful for D3D12 in wined3d seems to be SM5 bytecode parser.

The first step for implementing D3D12 in Wine is adding a support for
Vulkan. This is required in order to properly implement DXGI
swapchains which are linked to a given HWND. Generally, I recommend to
focus on Vulkan support first. Vulkan support in Wine will be
immediately beneficial to Vulkan applications, and it is the starting
point for further D3D12 work.


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