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Alistair Leslie-Hughes <leslie_alistair at> schrieb am Do., 15.
März 2018 um 10:02 Uhr:

> Hi Kai,
> On 15/03/18 18:46, Kai Krakow wrote:
> Hello!
> Since a similar discussion has come up, what would be the proposed way to
> suggest tested patches from staging to mainline?
> I'm currently carrying one or another selected (simple) patch from staging
> in my local patch-set that I apply to the latest wine version tag (so, I'm
> not running master). And these patches have proven quality for me since a
> view versions now.
> That good that other are testing the patches.  The main point here is to
> make sure they will be acceptable upstream.
> For example many of the wined3d/d3dx patches, work really well but need
> more work before they will be accepted.
> Which patches are looking at?

None special yet, it's more about how I'm going to handle this later.
Currently, there's maybe one patch that I would suggest for now after
another round of testing.

> Should I just submit the patch to this list and remove Signed-off-by?
> Should I add Tested-by? Should I contact the original author first?
> Or should I add something to the subject like "PATCH suggest", and let
> "git send-mail" also ping the original author?
> Leave the "Signed-off-by" there unless you have made major changes to the
> logic of the original patch.  Your
> "Signed-off-by" needs to be there as well.

I think depending on the complexity of the patch, I might contact the
author first as Andrew suggested. It sounds like a good thing to do.

> Please use git send-mail.

I already do.

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