Ubuntu 19.10 will be 64 bit only

Vincent Povirk (they/them) vincent at codeweavers.com
Thu Jun 20 09:12:32 CDT 2019

Reading more carefully: their suggestion is to use a containerized
18.04 environment (snaps) to run Wine on a 19.10 system. This would
use the 18.04 packages. But since there's no expectation of long term
support for the environment containing 32-bit packages, I can't see
any point in putting much effort into this temporary solution.

Nor do I see much point in packaging a 64-bit-only Wine on our end.
It's such a niche case for 64-bit-only Wine to be useful at all. If
those few people for whom it's useful need the latest development
version, they can build it themselves.

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