[PATCH 5/5] winegstreamer: Use the source file size to compute duration.

Zebediah Figura (she/her) zfigura at codeweavers.com
Thu Jul 1 16:05:12 CDT 2021

On 6/21/21 9:35 AM, Anton Baskanov wrote:
> Seems like GST_FORMAT_BYTES duration queries are forwarded all the way
> up to my_src, which returns the source file size. On the other hand,
> the convert query on stream->their_src expects the size of the decoded
> raw data. This patch uses parser->their_sink to convert the source file
> size to get a correct duration estimate.

Sorry for the complete silence. This patch set, and this patch in 
particular, has just been sitting there bothering me. I suspect that 
even if this patch set is correct it needs an audit of GStreamer 
elements to make sure it's always doing the right thing.

The basic problem is twofold: firstly, that GStreamer duration and 
convert queries are underspecified; and secondly, that the apparent 
actual behaviour is counterintuitive.

For example, I'd expect that a GST_FORMAT_TIME duration query should 
retrieve the actual running time of a stream (which might be different 
from the running time of a muxed file!), and that a GST_FORMAT_BYTES 
duration query should retrieve the total *output* size, in bytes, of a 
stream. But the default behaviour for any pad is to cheerfully ask the 
upstream filter, and GstBaseParse even explicitly does this *before* 
returning its own answers, so it'll end up returning the encoded size or 
even the whole (possibly muxed) file size. A similar problem occurs with 

The ultimate effect is that the application can't predict who will 
respond to a duration or convert query, and thus they have no idea how 
to interpret the data they get back. In the case of DURATION + 
GST_FORMAT_TIME I suspect most applications get away with it, because 
usually the duration of a stream is (or is close enough to) the duration 
of a file. But GST_FORMAT_BYTES and any variation of CONVERT just seems 
completely broken...

Unfortunately, I'm not sure that downstream CONVERT queries are any 
better. The default behaviour is still to pass the query to a random 
src, and the first two demuxers I checked (avidemux and mpegpsdemux) 
both do that. I think both actually give us a correct duration in 
response to GST_QUERY_DURATION + GST_FORMAT_TIME, but it's not a good sign.

It may end up being best just to revert this path entirely, and rely on 
polling for GST_QUERY_DURATION + GST_FORMAT_TIME. The path was added by 
613446d018. Looking back at mail history, I think I wrote it in response 
to [1], so it was actually just for dlls/quartz/tests/test.mp3.

It turns out I only got away with this because, in the case of mp3, 
there's no container, so the byte length of the encoded stream is the 
byte length of the file, mpg123 just happened to handle neither of these 
queries, and mpegaudioparse handled GST_QUERY_CONVERT in the intuitive way.

Unfortunately, unless I misread, I think there's currently no reliable 
way to get the duration of a CBR file from mpegaudioparse, except by 

So, what do we do going forward? Unfortunately I think this is the point 
where we need to ask GStreamer for help, ideally to clarify their 
documentation, and perhaps fix elements accordingly. And if we can't 
reliably use GST_QUERY_CONVERT, we may want to revert 613446d018 
entirely, and try to fix mpegaudioparse to give us a sane duration. And 
the latter seems like probably a good idea anyway.

The rest of this series looks mostly correct, but patch 2/5 is tricky, 
because it's also not clear to me from the GStreamer documentation 
whether duration-changed will always be sent if the duration isn't 
immediately available. And if we need to ask for clarification anyway, 
it would probably be good to get that clarified at the same time.

Anyway, I'll start writing an email to gstreamer-devel soon.


[1] https://www.winehq.org/pipermail/wine-devel/2020-June/167776.html

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