My adventures with Wine and Netscape

Darrin Edwards edwards at
Thu Aug 23 18:44:15 CDT 2001

On 22 Aug 2001 20:14:19 GMT, Uwe Bonnes
<bon at> wrote:

>Darrin Edwards <edwards at> wrote:
>: In conclusion, my experiences so far with wine (I've got a funnier
>: one prior to the netscape if anyone is interested :)) have been
>: neither uninteresting nor unsatisfying, and I am really grateful to
>: the developers for the tremendous amount of effort that has gone into
>: this project.
>Your experience will get more interesting if you switch opn debugging ;-)

Thanks :) I was aware of --debugmsg options, and used them on a
different install.  (Unless you meant winedbg, but the few times I've
fired that up, it's been painfully clear that it's beyond my
abilities!)  They (--debugmsg) didn't seem to help in the two cases I
mentioned; the "errors" were in windows-style dialog boxes, and as far
as wine was concerned things were running smoothly. :)

>Reg your e: drive I suspect a plain failure in yoy ~/.wine/config...

Actually this turned out to be a completely bogus netcape gripe;
last night I tried the obvious thing I should have before: after
netscape fired up (complaining about a missing E: drive), I pointed
the browser at 'file://E:', amazing!  The 'missing' drive is there
after all! :)

As for the stupid plugin not starting, I am stuck. :(  I tried
last night adding text to the .ini file, and still got the 'permission
denied' dialog box, destroying my theory that the only problem was
the .ini file being 0 bytes.  But as I said this seems much more
like a crappily designed plugin installer than any kind of wine
problem (I assume if others had had experience to the contrary, they
would have said so by now).


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