compiling winelib and running configure

brian r randomaccess at
Mon Jul 9 13:27:34 CDT 2001

>'./configure --with-wine=/usr/bin \
>--with-wine-includes=/usr/include/wine \
>--without-wine-libraries \
>--prefix=./noarch \
>--exec-prefix=./linuxarch \
>--with-x \
>It exits and returns 
>'configure: warning: --with-wine-includes=/usr/include/wine: invalid host type
>configure: error: can only configure for one host and one target at a time'

I found my problem.  I had created a script which removes any does the chmod-ing of files, winemaker, and configure.  If I put configure as shown on multiple lines with a backslash to specify the command is continued as shown above, it wouldn't work.  If I put the command on 1 line albeit, very messy, it works.  Thank-you for the help on getting the configure script to work.


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