Running Dreamweaver with wine

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Mon Jul 2 03:44:03 CDT 2001

Wharfrat <wharfrat95 at> wrote:
> I've got a couple of questions about a wine install

> First, when I installed wine, I got this message
> Xlib: extension "RENDER" missing on display "0.0"
> Is this anything I should be concerned about? And if so, what do I need 
> to do?
Running XF4, I guess ?
If so, then you have a severe misconfiguration:
you're not loading the main and very important extension module "exmod"
at all !!
It hosts such extensions as DGA, XVideo, XRender, ...
In short: everyone who doesn't load it is busted.
(and it's not even appropriately mentioned in the docu ! :-\)


Section "Module"
*** insert ***
  Load "extmod"
*** insert ***

> I got notepad to run, then I installed dreamweaver 4, but when I try to 
> run it I get the following error.
> "Could not locate the Resources file in the Configuration folder. This 
> file is required to run Dreamweaver. Please reinstall the application."
> Resouces is in the Conf folder, it's a dll. Is there something I need to 
> do in wine to make this work.
*sigh* ok, I'll debug it. (it's needed for a hints page anyway)

wine --debugmsg +relay,+file,+dosfs,+text,+string MyPrg.exe &>/tmp/wine.log
, gzip wine.log and mail it to me.

Andreas Mohr, Renningen, Germany
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