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Andreas Mohr Usenet 06/01 p4hivr001 at
Mon Jul 2 04:02:36 CDT 2001

Erian McKinley <emckinley at> wrote:
> hey all, i know it's kind of pointless to get Deus Ex running in wine now thnx
> to loki (j/k), but if you have shelled out $$ for Deus Ex winblows version, now
> you can run it in wine. I got Deus Ex running yesterday with TransGaming's
> ( version of wine. I ran it in both OpenGL and Glide mode,
> video runs excellent. Mouse input is great as well, much better than the
> standard winehq version, or so it seems to me. My only hangup is that i get no
> sound at all, which is very strange. It seems like all Unreal Tournament -
> engine based games, like Deus Ex and Rune play fine w/ 3d acceleration in wine,
> but there is no sound. If anyone has any suggestions on how to get this working,
> let me know. In the meantime, i'll be poking around w/ it seeing if i can get
> some sound. thnx for listening.
(specifically #142 !)

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