directX and transgaming patch

gerard patel g.patel at
Tue Jul 3 15:37:44 CDT 2001

On 3 Jul 2001 13:34:46 -0400, bpostow at (Brian Postow) wrote:

>>Fix :
>>ps -ax and  kill <id of wineserver>
>Actually, I tried this. I did ps-aux |grep wine and it came up empty...

Well, I don't know what is doing the 'u' flag (the man
page for ps is not an easy read), but what is sure is
that when using it I don't see all Wine process like when
using ps -ax

>hrm, so now I have to re-download the entire cvs again? Is there a
>tarball form of a relatively stable version of the transgaming wine?

I have no idea, I did not reply to you about this subject - I never
even downloaded any Transgaming patch, so I'd suggest
trying to find their web page and their mailing lists (if any).
The only thing I know is that they are on Sourceforge.

There is no stable version of Wine anyway.


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