Compiling MFC with Winelib - was Need advice porting app

Steve Ledford sledford_98 at
Tue Jul 10 11:34:24 CDT 2001

I've changed the message thread to compiling MFC with Winelib because
I believe that is the real essence of my issue at hand. If I can
figure out how to compile MFC then I will have solved my dillemma of
which way to choose in porting my app to Linux. If I can't then I can
use the only path available.

So, there is a big vacant spot in the WineLib users guide for
compiling MFC. I've started to attempt doing it but without even a
hint on where to start, I am up against a brick wall. I've started by
going into the src directory of my MFC library from VC++ and done the
winemaker and configure, both with the --nomfc options, and I am
getting large amounts of errors on an attempt to even compile the
first of the src files.

Help is DEFINITELY appreciated.

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