fixme:ole:CoRegisterMessageFilter stub

Ana Paula anapaula at
Thu Oct 18 20:55:18 CDT 2001

Hi Gerard!

> Yes, I have downloaded it.
> There are a number of display problems with it.
> I may waste a few hours this weekend on these
> problems.
> I don't see what is the problem with messages, though.

No? With me, is not possible see any message. 
Just the titles, but the body is impossible for me.   :-(

> I created a mail and double-clicked on it and it
> displayed in a separate window - is the normal
> behaviour that it displays in the (empty) window
> below the mails list ?
> Gerard

Well, I don't understand your question very well ....
The message may appears in the same windows (its not open in separate
window, and its normal).  
This happens with you?
You can see the messages contents ???
If yes, you could me say what you do ???

Ana Paula <anapaula at>

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