crystal reports under wine

gerard patel g.patel at
Fri Sep 7 15:04:25 CDT 2001

On Fri, 07 Sep 2001 09:33:08 -0700, Bill Medland <medbi01 at>

>Here I expose my ignorance; please bear with me.
>1. The backtrace is probably useless; it consists of one entry
>=>0 0x103b1263 (CRPE32.DLL.PromptNewDialog+0x20cf3 in
>C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\CRPE32.DLL) (ebp=00000000)

I wonder how you get a backtrace anyway since the
app is catching the exception ?

>2. The relay log is about 9 MB and it is unclear to me at what point in
>the log the error actually occurred; several MB of the log occurs after
>the debugger is popped up and I select quit.

Run with -debugmsg +relay,+seh

seh means structured exception handling.
Since your app is handling exceptions, the first
occurence of a seh trace is not necessarily 
meaning a problem.

What I do is search the trace for the error message
displayed on screen. Usually it is drawn out of a 
resource, then displayed with either a MessageBox
(that's easy to spot) or a modal dialog box (easy too)
or a custom modal window (in this case what you are
searching for is a DrawText or something like that with
the error message)

Then I search backwards for 'seh' traces. There are
usually several caused by the problem.

Then when I have pinpointed the point where the
problem occured, I usually find that no obvious
cause reveals itself ;-(, but YMMV.

>3. Please excuse my ignorance; I have been spoiled by Microsoft
>user-friendliness for too many years.  How do I get the information out
>of the debugger console and into a file or email message?  (e.g. how do
>I copy from an xterm; without spending a further 4 hours searching man

Eh you are asking for the big secret :-)

I think you are worthy to get an answer (using google or reading 
all posts in wine-devel would have also earned you the same
answer, of course ;-)).

There are 2 ways to do that :

1) configure Wine to display the debug traces in a normal
console. This is what I do. 
Set in your user.reg something along the lines of :

[Software\\Wine\\WineDbg] 999784972

0 means false, BTW.

Then you select the text in the standard way (hold the
left button of the mouse)

2) Letting the default Wine xterm enabled (ugh)
In this case hold the Shift key when selecting text.

In cases 1 and 2, pasting the text in an editor is usually done
with the middle button of the mouse (if your mouse is middle-button
impaired, usually you can paste by clicking both buttons of the
mouse at the same time). Some Windows-like editors have an Edit
menu  too :-)

>4. How do I ensure that I get a log that only goes up to the point at
>which the debugger kicks in, but does include everything up to that
>point?  (It's no use piping to a file and asking how long the file is at
>that time since the last few bits haven't been flushed yet and they are
>the important ones)

I don't know. I get all the trace including Wine debugger, I 
ust search the trace for the word 'debugger' to find when
winedbg starts and ignore anything that follows.

To be completely candid, I own a copy of Crystal Reports
6.0 :-). However, I have never thought to even try it under
Wine (IMHO Crystal Reports is a terrible product compared
to the competition under Windows and I am not keen to 
ever start it again). But if you really need it desperately,
I can give it a try.


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