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Wed Sep 12 09:20:17 CDT 2001

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> On 5 Sep 2001 13:39:20 GMT, Jim Turner <turnerj at>
> wrote:
> >	Greetings,
> >
> >Can anyone tell me what to do about "Can't open MIDI device '/dev/sequencer'!
> >(No such device): Load MIDI sequencer kernel driver !" ?
> >
> >Is there a way to do this without recompiling my kernel?  I have sound 
> >working for everything else.  I get this message whenever I try to run 
> >any M$-Office app, such as M$-Word.  Lotus Notes v5, et. al. work fine.  
> Are you sure that you need to play Midi sounds in MsWord
> and Lotus Notes ? Why not ignore this message ?
> IIRC this message is displayed only with very old
> Wine versions. I'd say to upgrade but Wine is currently
> in bad shape for many apps :-/
> Gerard

This all sounds to being down to what permissions you have, what you
are logged on as and whether or not you have installed the sources for
your kernel (as this usually gives your system a couple of drivers
that you need (SuSe7.1 is like that), but don't take me too seriously
of course(/notoonewbie)). also one other thing you could try is going
into your /dev folder and change your /dev/sequencer to being in the
right group and access permissions (I had to create a group named
'cdrom', add /dev/cdrom to that group and then give all my users
access to that group just to play music cd's!

as always, make notes on what everything is set to b4 changing your
settings then you can at least amend a daft move which we are all
likely to make, it's suprising how many different ways you can get
around one problem, of course, some are better and faster fixes than
others...  I would say the /etc/wine.conf has probably got the best
workaround somewhere in it, like turning off sound support completely
as it is real slow anyway with wine.

Yeah, don't upgrade! I downloaded the source, then had to download
itcl package for SuSe to get the installer working (quite a lot
included daft hacking and skirting around the bush to get it to
install) and then when it finally worked, hardly anything would run!
Especially the stuff that did on a previous version!

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