Some sort of focus problem

Brad Campbell brad at
Tue Sep 18 03:28:46 CDT 2001

Brad Campbell wrote:

> > I can't reproduce the problem.
> > This said, I see often differences between the 2 computers
> > I use to test Wine. I think these differences are linked either
> > to the X server or the window manager.
> Hmm.. Ok.. I'm running X4.1.0 and no window manager..
> just starting wine with
> xinit /usr/bin/wine project1.exe
> But there is a strange thing happening there because the app I use
> and have found this problem with will function ok if you play with
> which control has focus before the popup box is invoked.
> I'll dig into it further. Thanks for trying it..

It appears to be a problem with X11DRV_ConfigureNotify in
Specificaly pertaining to get-Z-order which just happens to have a 
*/FIXME*/ next to it.. That might be why it needs fixing.
In managed mode, the query_zorder call always returns a correct value
but with no management, it always returns zero. I'm looking into it further.
Can be seen with --debugmsg +event,+x11drv and grepping for "restacking".

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