Diablo 2 & Wine - The Story So Far

Micah mrl at schoolemail.com
Tue Sep 25 20:43:06 CDT 2001

what crack are you running, and where did you get it. is it an LOD crack?

In article <01092521182400.01545 at Hard-Core.scabserver.com>, Robert Laverick
>You can use cracked versions, how do I know this?  cos I am using one, and it 
>works perfectly under windows, attle.net isn't anywhere near impregnable, 
>it's just a matter of being able to answer any questions about version 
>specific info correctly, the crack I have works perfectly underwindows, and 
>has no complaints under linux, I'm assuming therefore that the version 
>checking in linux fails... maybe they're checking the os!  maybe not.  anyway 
>you can play battle.net with a cracked exe, but I'm just not sure how the 
>crack acives this, and if it's in anyway incompatable with wine/linux
>ok rambleing over...
>I've been banging my head against this for a while and not got anywhere, I've 
>tried various combinations of native dll's and not suceeded, not sure where 
>to go next, since there's no obviouse problem....  anyone got any bright 

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