Trouble with bitmap fonts

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at
Tue Sep 25 23:01:54 CDT 2001

"Mika Iisakkila" <mika+nyysi at> wrote:

> > Well, I can only suggest to use charmap.exe to verify that the font is
> > really available under Wine and all characters have the same positions
> > under Windows and Wine.
> Ahh, the good old charmap! I forgot about it. Well, the font
> (actually a number of them) shows, but still with most of the
> characters missing. Interestingly, "Symbol" font suffers from the same
> problem, and the characters that work are mostly in the same positions
> in both of them. I haven't actually installed the Symbol font at all.
> Character positions are correct. I took the charmap.exe from Win 3.11.

It might be a problem with fnt2bdf, not with Wine. I would suggest use
some font editor to verify that the fonts are converted correctly.


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