Correction: What the HELL is deadbeef?! Or lstat64.c?

lawson_whitney at lawson_whitney at
Wed Sep 26 10:57:38 CDT 2001

On Wed, 26 Sep 2001, Praedor Tempus wrote:

> I DID get fixme's in the konsole window from which I started wine, just not
> in the debug window.  The fixme's were:

That's right.  fixmes, errs and traces all go to stderr.  To redirect
them to a file,

wine blah.exe 2>logfile
> err:win32:PE_fixup_imports No implementation for SHDOCVW.dll.101 imported
> from Z:\mnt\win_c\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe, setting to
> 0xdeadbeef
> Based on this, I assume that at least one problem is SHDOCVW.dll.101 for
> which wine can't do anything with, no stubs...?
Sorry, the fixup_imports message I was thinking of is an err: not a
fixme.  Right.  Seems nobody knows the name of this thing, nor how many
arguments it takes, nor what it is spoze to return.  You can try using
winedbg to look at the call in iexplore to guess how many arguments it
pushes on the stack before and try to make a stub.

You could try setting shdocvw to "native" in [DllOverrides] or
[AppDefaults\\iexplore.exe\\DllOverrides], but native M$ dlls tend to
use undocumented functions in other native M$ dlls, so this will
probably make more deadbeef rather than less.  It might work to set all
the sh**** dll's (shell32, shfolder,...) to native, but probably not.
Probably, they have added some function in kernel32 or gdi for WinMe
that doesn't do anything except prevent other M$ dlls working with wine.

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