Wine on RedHat 7.2

Kris McCann krismccann at
Tue Feb 26 22:38:35 CST 2002


I'm a bit of a Linux newb, so please excuse me if I'm missing the
obvious. I installed RedHat 7.2, and downloaded the latest rpm for Wine
(linked to from WineHQ). I have read the docs, and put together what at
least should be a working config. When I try to run Wine from the command
line, I get an error:

error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared
object file: No such file or directory.

When I try to open winelauncher, the window pops up in Gnome, telling me
that I didn't specify any command line arguments as expected, but then
when I press the "Configure" button, it gives me another error:

Unable to find winesetup in your PATH or in /opt/wine/bin

Wine isn't installed under /opt/, it seems to be located in /usr/bin. I
have tried placing my wine.conf file in both /etc/ and /usr/local/etc.

Sorry if I'm just being dumn here, but I'd really like to get this
running, so any help is appreciated.



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