Another newbie-question about the registry...

Ian Collier imc at
Wed Feb 27 10:33:46 CST 2002

On Fri, 22 Feb 2002 00:02:43 GMT, Tony Lambregts
<lambregt at> wrote:
>Since no one else seems they want to answer this I think I will give it 
>a shot. This looks like wine is not importing the relevant info from the 
>window's user.reg to wine's user.reg.

It appears to be importing the info to userdef.reg instead of user.reg,
and then not using the settings in userdef.reg anyway.

>1. What version of wine are you running?

Currently, 20010418; but I also tried it with 20020127.

>2. What is SkyMap?

Software to display maps of astronomical objects in the sky.

>3. Is there a place where I can legally download it?

Evaluation versions are available from (which is what
I'm currently using, although I haven't updated my copy for a fair
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