Newies Q:  Getting Started With Wine On Red Hat 7.2

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Fri Mar 1 11:27:15 CST 2002

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> Hi;
> I'm running Red Hat 7.2 on a lap top that was given to me already set
> up.
> It looks like wine was preinstalled with Red Hat 7.2.
> When I run "wine" at a shell prompt I get the error message
> =====================
> wineserver: chdir /home/srussell/.wine : No such file or directory
> =====================
> I think I might need to run some sort of set up program.
> I checked out the win man page, but all it told me was that I should
> read the source install directory without telling where it is or which
> file I need.
> I tried "winesetup" but it doesn't appear to exist.
> Can anyone point to where I could read about this issue to get wine
> running?

Yes I know.
You should make that directory. Just make a .wine dir in your home, and 
everything will work ok.
I think there is a glitch in the Redhat profile - they forgot to create that 

But if you want to play with the wine sources, or you want to file bug 
reports, then you should upgrade to the newest version.

Good Luck
Zsolt Rizsanyi

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