Windows 3.0 apps can't find their files

brett holcomb brettholcomb at
Tue Dec 16 12:03:38 CST 2003

Many of the old windows programs use an ini file in the 
system directory or in their own directory.  Usually they 
programmers dumped all the ini files in the system 
directory (this caused immense clutter so instead of 
fixing it MS came out with the mess called a registry). 
 Make sure your C drive is set up correctly in the config 
file and that you have a System directory under the 
c:\Windows directory.

Thinking about it path names shouldn't matter since the 
win95 setting for the C drive says use win95 file system 
which converted long names to short names.

On Tue, 16 Dec 2003 16:13:10 +0100
  Julius Schwartzenberg <julius at> wrote:
>I just tried it with a shorter pathname, but it doesn't 
>seem to make a difference. All my paths were already 8.3 
>suitable though.
>What paths could the program be reading from the 
>'Windows' ini files? It seems to be unable to find its 
>own files, it wouldn't be logical if it needed a path 
>from an ini file to find its own files.
>gnome at schreef:
>>Directory pathnames too long? Windows 3.0 could only 
>>understand 8.3 directory
>>and file names ...
>>Another possibility, it is looking for pathnames in the 
>>old-style Windows INI
>>file, since Windows 3.x had to concept of a registry.
>>gnome at
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