Problems installing Quickbooks Pro 99 under Wine

Lindsay Haisley fmouse-wine at
Fri Nov 21 19:01:42 CST 2003

I'm running Gentoo linux and Wine 20031016 installed from a Gentoo ebuild. 
I'm trying to install and run Quickbooks Pro 99.  Wine has created a ~/.wine
directory for me with a collection of files therein which appear to be the
proper ones.  I have mounted the QB99 install CD on /mnt/cdrom and cd'd to
that directory and run autorun.exe under wine.

A warning dialog pops up almost right away with a title of "Problem
accessing the Registry" and a message "Could not open Run key for deletion". 
I can dismiss this with the OK button and the install proceeds to the QB99
install splash window and the installation dialog.  pressing the "Install"
button yields another registry access warning saying "Could not open Run
key".  Again, I can dismiss this and the install proceeds to the usual
"preparing the install wizard" progress bar, after which the install takes
over the display which becomes a uniform dark green and progress stops.  I
can alt-tab through running processes at the Linux level and I can see that
there's a process identified as "Warning", possibly a dialog, but I can't
get to it or switch to any other programs on the display.

What do I need to do to get past this point?

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